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Type WQ3B Conditioning Cylinder

General description Type WQ 3B Conditioning cylinder is the main equipment of lamina processing line.Its function is loosening and moistening the slices after separated. Technical features The cylinder is designed for three sections: loosening section, conditioning section and discharge section. The structure of loosening section has gained the patent in China with Patent No. 02206714.0. Mass flow steam ejection device at the feeding end supplies more moisture and heat to the tobacco blocks and the degradation from crushing is reduced. A down-stream heat air circulating system with automatic temperature control can benefit loosening and moistening tobacco. The hot air system and the heater locate above the cylinder. And their control pipelines are fitted underneath. This machine has a simple appearance without individual controlling cabinet. The main drive system uses a structure of four-point direct drive. The cylinder rotates more reliably. There is an exhausted air drainage unit on both of feeding and discharge end in order to avoid the escape of stream. Heat and wet air is used to moisten tobacco to improve the conditioning result. Frequency converter is used for the cylinder and the speed of the cylinder can be adjusted according to the conditioning situation of tobacco inside.